Self Referral Service – Lewisham

Merchant Taylors

Merchant Taylors’ Company

We have limited funding from The Merchant Taylors’ Company to provide a self-referral service to carers residing in the London Borough of Lewisham only.

The service will provide a respite break for carers and is aimed at all carers who are:

  • not in receipt/ eligible for a funded service
  • do not wish to engage with statutory services
  • Need an extended break
  • A ‘one off ‘break

We have a presence in Lewisham  and are keen to identify and engage with carers as well as working closely with voluntary sector partners, the local authority, GP surgeries and community outreach organisations.

Our vision is to drive up the quality of care for all unpaid carers to improve their outcomes and enhance their experience so that we are able to offer the right service in the right place, at the right time by staff who have both the understanding and competencies to support carers and the person they care for.

For more information about this service please contact us on 01322 336086 or email:

Ann or Mary